Technical Assistance & Training

The APG and AML/CFT Technical Assistance and Training (TA&T)

One of the APG’s functions is to coordinate assistance and training in AML/CFT, and provide practical support, to APG members and observer jurisdictions in the region. The APG's technical assistance and training goals are outlined in the APG's Strategic Plan and in each year's Business Plan (available in the "documents" section).

AML/CFT-related technical assistance and training (TA&T) covers a wide range of matters including:

  • Supporting strategic implementation planning;
  • Preparing national AML/CFT strategies and risk assessments;
  • Raising awareness with political bodies including Parliamentarians;
  • Establishing and enhancing national coordination mechanisms;
  • Drafting legislation, regulation and guidance;
  • Establishing and enhancing the operation of financial intelligence units;
  • Training for investigators, prosecutors and judges on money laundering and terrorist financing investigations, prosecutions and asset tracing/confiscation;
  • Training for financial sector supervisors and regulators for designated non-financial sectors;
  • Enhancing effective charity regulation for AML/CFT;
  • Establishing and enhancing cross-border currency reporting regimes; and
  • Enhancing international cooperation, including mutual legal assistance.

In addition to working with DAP Group members to facilitate the design, development and delivery of TA&T, the APG supports the development of an AML/CFT coordination mechanism in each APG member.

APG/ASEAN Workshop 2013
APG/ASEAN AML/CFT Regulatory/Supervision Workshop, hosted by Bank Negara Malaysia, April 2013