Technical Assistance & Training

APG Annual Forum on Technical Assistance and Training

The APG Annual Forum on Technical Assistance and Training (TA&T) is run in parallel to the APG Annual Meeting.

The purpose of the Annual Forum on TA&T is to facilitate the identification of members’ TA&T needs and the collaboration of members to coordinate on meeting those needs in partnership with the APG Donors and Providers Group (DAP Group).

The Annual Forum on TA&T includes the following events:

  • Priority countries hold individual meetings with the DAP Group on TA&T needs and current and planned delivery of assistance
  • The DAP Group meets to discuss planning and delivery of TA&T
  • Sub-regional TA&T meetings are conducted for ASEAN and Pacific Islands Forum members, jointly chaired by APG/ASEAN Secretariats and APG/Pacific Islands Forum Secretariats respectively
  • Technical Seminars are delivered for all APG members and observers on emerging AML/CTF issues

Prior to the Annual Forum on TA&T, the APG Secretariat collects the following documents for distribution to the DAP Group:

  • TA&T summaries, and, for members under ICRG review, TA&T gap analyses
  • TA&T needs information from APG members
  • DAP activity information