IMF and APG Conduct Pre-Mutual Evaluation Training in China

13 March 2017

The IMF and the APG conducted a joint mutual evaluation workshop in Shanghai, China in March 2017 ahead of China’s 4th round AML/CFT mutual evaluation scheduled for mid-2018 to train government agencies and private sector reporting entities on the requirements of their upcoming evaluation. The workshop focused on how to coordinate agencies, what the technical requirements of the FATF assessment methodology are and what areas of focus the assessors will concentrate on when the assessment begins. China was last evaluated in 2007. The new methodology contains new areas of focus on effective implementation of the FATF recommendations and not only technical compliance with those recommendations.

The upcoming 2018 assessment will be led by the IMF but with participation by the APG, the FATF and the EAG (all bodies of which China is a member).  The workshop in Shanghai involved the participation of the following:

  • Gordon Hook, APG executive secretary;

  • Nadine Schwarz, IMF;

  • Ian Carrington, IMF; and

  • Deborah Ng, of the Macao, China FIU.

65 officials from government agencies participated in an intensive two-day seminar.

60 officials from the private sector participated in a separate one day seminar.




Pre-Mutual Evaluation Training in China
Pre-Mutual Evaluation Training in China