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Bangladesh Mutual Evaluation Onsite Visit

20 November 2015

The onsite visit for the 3rd mutual evaluation of Bangladesh was conducted from 11-21 October 2015 in Dhaka.

The mutual evaluation team was comprised of the following experts:

•             Ms Dolon Sarkar, New Zealand (Legal Expert)

•             Mr Christopher Ng, Brunei Darussalam (Legal Expert)

•             Mr Xu Qipeng, China (Financial Expert)

•             Mr Syahril Ramadan, Indonesia (Financial Expert)

•             Ms Socheat Hem, Cambodia (Financial Expert)

•             Mr Anil Ramteke, India (FIU/Law Enforcement Expert)

•             Ms Michelle Harwood (APG Secretariat)

•             Mr David Shannon (APG Secretariat)

During the onsite visit the assessment team conducted a series of meetings with government authorities and representatives from the private sector which allowed assessors to gain a detailed understanding of the framework and effectiveness of Bangladesh’s AML/CFT regime.

The mutual evaluation was conducted using the 2013 FATF assessment methodology which focusses on both technical compliance with the FATF international standards and the effectiveness of the jurisdiction’s AML/CFT measures.

The mutual evaluation report will be considered at the next APG Annual Meeting in July 2016.

Bangladesh Mutual Evaluation Onsite Visit
Bangladesh authorities and mutual evaluation team at the exit meeting