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Thailand Mutual Evaluation Onsite Visit

21 November 2016

The Onsite visit for the mutual evaluation of Thailand was conducted from 31 October - 11 November 2016 at the Anti Money Laundering Office in Bangkok.

The assessment team consisted of the following experts:

  • Mr John Visser,Australia (FIU/Law Enforcement Expert)
  • Mr Kamal Hossain, Bangladesh (FIU/Financial Expert)
  • Ms Joyce Chan, Hong Kong,China (Financial Expert)
  • Ms Roland Villaluz,Philippines (Law Enforcement Expert)
  • Ms PeiLing Tsai,Chinese Taipei (Law Enforcement Expert)
  • Ms Jennifer Wallis, United States (Legal Expert)
  • Mr David Shannon and Ms Michelle Harwood, APG Secretariat

During the onsite visit, the assessment team conducted meetings with government authorities and representatives from the private sector in order to gain a greater understanding of Thailand's legal and institutional frameworks for implementation of AML/CFT measures. Thailand will be assessed against the 2013 FATF Methodology and the report will consider both technical compliance and effectiveness outcomes.

The assessors acknowledged the cooperation and assistance of the Thai authorities and the hospitality extended to the team during the onsite visit.

Thailand's draft mutual evaluation report will be consedered at the APG plenary in Colombo,Sri Lanka in July 2017.