Methods & Trends

The APG's Typologies Work

The APG's Strategic Plan has a stated goal to identify and address the key issues affecting the nature, extent and impact of money laundering and terrorist financing in the Asia/Pacific region. The strategies to achieve this goal underpin the APG's programme of typologies work and includes:

  • Developing and maintaining an APG programme of research to identify and analyse priority AML/CFT issues and case studies;
  • Supporting and promoting the work of APG Working Groups to explore and address specific AML/CFT issues in depth; and
  • Supporting and providing education and information exchange programmes to share the findings on identified key issues.

In addition to the APG's Strategic Plan, the APG also has a Strategic Framework for the collection, analysis and dissemination of typologies information for the benefit of APG members and the general public. This Framework places a responsibility on APG members and observers to consider and analyse typologies information in four ways:

  • By the establishment of a Typologies Working Group to undertake detailed analyses of particular typologies topics including the financing of terrorism;
  • Individual APG members, or sub groups, are required to volunteer to produce analytical reports or summaries on particular typologies subjects using the collected information;
  • There will be Annual APG Typologies workshops to consider particular typologies issues in depth; and
  • The APG Secretariat will undertake the production of an Annual Typologies Report.

Each year APG Typologies Workshops bring together law enforcement experts and regulatory authorities in order to exchange information on significant cases and operations. It also provides a vital opportunity for operational experts to identify and describe effective AML/CFT counter-measures.

Building on the analysis and lessons learned from earlier typologies work, the yearly typologies workshops examine a series of priority topics for the Asia/Pacific region from the perspective of regulatory and law enforcement practitioners. The APG also produces a number of publicly available typologies documents, in particular, yearly typologies reports.

The APG Strategic Plan and the Typologies Framework are available from the Documents section of this website.