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2013 APG Yearly Typologies Report now available

2 August 2013
2013 APG Yearly Typologies Report now available

The 2013 APG Yearly Typologies Report is produced by the APG Typologies Working Group. The report includes observations on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing techniques and methods drawn from across the APG region.

This year’s report includes 99 cases drawn from 19 APG member jurisdictions, as well as links to typologies information from partner AML/CFT organisations.

The cases and observations are intended to assist with identifying instances of suspicious financial activity in the real world.

It is hoped that the case studies and ‘red flag’ indicators included in the report will be of direct use to the front-line financial institutions and non-financial businesses and professions (casinos, accountants, lawyers, real estate, etc.) involved in implementing preventative measures including customer due diligence and suspicious transaction reporting.

A copy of the report can be found in the Methods & Trends Documents section of the website or by clicking on the image of the report cover.