Members & Observers

Overview of APG Observers

The APG recognises that there are significant benefits for members from contact with non-member jurisdictions and related international organisations including the exchange of information of mutual benefit.  On this basis, the APG permits recognized Observers to participate in some APG business activities.

Pursuant to the APG's Terms of Reference, Observers are:

  • Jurisdictions which are considering APG membership and are prepared to meet the first three membership requirements;
  • Organisations which actively support or otherwise are interested in the objectives of the APG; and
  • Any other jurisdiction or organisation invited by the Co-Chairs and to which no APG member objects.

The participation (and the nature of such participation) of non-members is determined by the APG on a case-by-case basis.  At the moment there are:

8 Observer jurisdictions; and
28 Observer organisations.