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Japan is a founding member of the APG (1997) and is also a member of the FATF.   Japan held the rotating Co-Chair appointment to the APG from 2004-2006.

Japan has a developed system for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrrorism and has established a Financial Intelligence Unit.

Japan underwent a joint FATF/APG Mutual Evaluation in March 2008. The full report from 2008 is available via the Documents section of this website.

Link to FIU: Japan Financial Intelligence Centre (JAFIC)

Bank of Japan

APG adopts FATF statement on Japan

Concerned about the lack of AML/CFT progress by Japan to remedy the deficiencies identified in its joint FATF/APG 2008 mutual evaluation report, the FATF issued a public statement in relation to Japan during its June 2014 plenary meeting.  APG members also considered Japan’s progress at the APG’s 17th Annual Meeting in Macao, China. On 16 July 2014 the APG agreed to:

  • Endorse the FATF’s concerns about Japan;
  • Adopt the FATF’s public statement on Japan;
  • Include a link to the FATF’s statement on the APG website, in lieu of issuing a separate APG public statement.

The public statement on Japan can be found at: