Implementation Issues

Implementation Issues Working Group (IIWG)

The Implementations Issues Working Group (IIWG) was established at the 2005 APG Annual Meeting to build on and develop the work done by the APG Working Group on Information Sharing.  

The APG Strategic Plan 2012-2016 provides a continued mandate for an integrated approach to addressing addressing implementation issues, including the continued establishment of an APG IIWG.

APG members in July 2012 adopted minor textual amendments to the terms of reference for the IIWG to reflect the revised FATF Recommendations, the new APG Terms of Reference 2012 and the APG Strategic Plan 2012-2016.

Purpose of the IIWG

The purpose of the IIWG is to assist  APG members to effectively implement the FATF 40 Recommendations.

Functions of the IIWG

In order to achieve this purpose the IIWG:

  • provides practical assistance to APG members through the provision of  post Mutual Evaluation Implementation materials and tools in collaboration with evaluated members and the DAP group. This assists members who have just been evaluated to systematically identify and meet compliance gaps identified in the mutual evaluation report;
  • provides information and advice to donors and providers, including, for example, the Egmont Group, to assist in the development of programs to assist members to address practical implementation issues;
  • liaises with relevant non-members and organisations (regional and international bodies) and, in particular, with the FATF Working Group on Evaluations and Implementation to exchange information and case studies on priority implementation issues; and
  • undertakes joint projects with relevant bodies to develop practical implementation packages.

Membership in the IIWG

The IIWG comprises expert representatives from interested APG members and supporting observer jurisdictions and organisations.  The Working Group is co-chaired by representatives of two APG members.

The two current Co-Chairs (from July 2012) are New Zealand and Hong Kong, China.