Financial Action Task Force & FATF-Style Regional Bodies

FATF Plenary Meetings

The FATF's decision-making body, the FATF Plenary, meets three times a year.

In June 2006 the APG was granted Associate Membership in the FATF, which serves to deepen the cooperation between the APG and the FATF. This membership permits the APG to have direct access into the policy-making and standard-setting process of the FATF. The significance of this relates directly to non-FATF APG members who may now attend FATF plenary meetings as APG delegates.

But associate membership does not grant membership in the FATF to individual APG members. The status is granted to the APG as an organisation and consequently individual APG members who attend FATF meetings do so as "APG delegates" and therefore must represent the interests of the wider APG as an organisation.