APG Technical Seminars, 27-28 November 2014, Bangkok, Thailand

27 Nov 2014, 9:00 AM - 28 Nov 2014, 5:00 PM Thailand

The 2014 Joint FATF/APG Experts’ Meeting on Typologies and APG Technical Seminars will take place in Bangkok Thailand 24-28 November 2014, hosted by the Government of Thailand.

This event will bring together law enforcement, prosecutors, financial intelligence units and regulatory practitioners from the FATF and APG membership/obervership to share knowledge and expertise in order to improve regional cooperation and AML/CFT implementation.

The APG Technical Seminars will follow the JEM and will take place on 27 – 28 November.

All APG/FATF delegations are welcome to attend both the Joint FATF/APG Experts’ Meeting on Typologies and the APG Technical Seminars.


APG Technical Seminars: Thursday 27 to Friday 28 November

Seminar 1: Making Asset Forfeiture and Recovery Work: how to support effective asset tracing and confiscation

This seminar will build on earlier work done by the APG encouraging a culture of “following the money” and ensuring a culture of appropriately prosecuting money laundering and recovering assets. The seminar will discuss the fundamental concepts and benefits of asset forfeiture and recovery, including the FATF Recommendations and international conventions and mechanisms for recovery. Discussions will also focus on practical aspects of asset recovery such as: gathering evidence and the use of FIU and other networks; barriers to asset recovery; financial investigation as a tool in asset recovery; asset management; the support available to jurisdictions in asset recovery; and case studies.


Seminar 2: AML/CFT and New Technology: Understanding Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risks Associated with Cybercrime

This seminar will discuss the key concepts and obligations associated with ‘technology-facilitated crime’, as well as the experience of cybercrime across the regions. The seminar sessions will examine some of the ML and TF threats and vulnerabilities associated with cybercrime, as well as the experience of law enforcement and FIUs in ‘following the money’. Cases studies will be shared and opportunities will be identified for enhancing domestic and international cooperation and for working effectively with the private sector.