About APG

Fraud Warning

Beware of attempted frauds using the APG's name and requesting fees for 'certificates' or other fraudulent services

Various types of scam emails or letters purporting to be from or associated with the APG and, in some cases, the names or titles of APG Secretariat staff, have been circulating requesting fees for the transfer of money. Criminals who fraudulently claim to be from the APG commonly approach victims with tales of moneys being owed to them by way of a lottery win or an inheritance which will be payable by international transfers of funds. To gain access to these funds, victims are asked by criminals (who fraudulently claim to be from the APG) to pay fees for fictitious services relating to verification of the origin of the funds. The criminals claim that the funds will be blocked if the customer fails to pay the fees. The APG (and any other similar international body) does not provide any such services nor does it request fees or have the power to block any account or issue any 'certificates' for anti-money laundering or terrorist financing compliance. In addition, the APG is not a law enforcement agency and does not maintain any regional office or employees outside its Secretariat in Sydney.

Any approach using the APG's name in relation to payment of fees or release of funds is fraudulent and should be reported to law enforcement authorities in the recipient's home jurisdiction.